Couple tips

Accept responsibility

Today, we accept responsibility for our interaction: "he is guilty!" is no longer an option. Or, "if he considered what I was trying to say, we would not be in this situation!" Or "if only we had more time/money"... Now, leave the expressions alone for the time being. These are the ones who are in charge of our relationship and our lives in general. Once we've done that, the door to change and improvement will be open.

Flirting time! 

Flirting with your partner is now up to you. Say something like, "Curious to know what undies I'm wearing?" and even better-whisper it in his ear.

Get out of the routine

Send your partner a text message, in which you describe an intense sexual experience you had with him.

Genuine candor

It is impossible to overestimate the significance of this. Take a sheet of paper and a pen, and write letters to your vagina, as a sexual entity that defines and leads you, your worries, and your desires. You'll be surprised where your extreme sincerity with yourself will take you in general, and in particular in front of your spouse. 

Have a discussion with her about the past

Use questions like, "What are your fond memories of our shared past?" to strengthen the essence of your love. 

Sharing from the heart 

Share with your partner a sexual experience that you had together that was very special and powerful for you at the first opportunity when you are both together in bed or in the living room. 

Adjust the relationship's GPS.

Take a sheet of paper, a pen, and write down: As a couple, how do you envision your ideal relationship? What about as a family? In general, how do you picture the ideal day? Describe this in great detail, as if you were imagining an entire day: what will the morning look like from the moment you wake up? What will the day's events be like? What do you want to experience before you go to sleep tonight? 

That's how you turn her on in a fraction of a second

A one-of-a-kind compliment or a novel way of saying a kind word can start a sensual fire in an instant. Simply look her in the eyes and say things like, "It's amazing how prettier and sexier you get day by day. I can never get enough of you. " Be genuine and authentic by expressing yourself in your own words. 

Keep reminding her of your good fortune all the time

Find ways to compliment her and remind her that you're grateful to be able to stay together. You could, for example, send her a flower bouquet to her work or leave her a note in her purse that says something like, "How blessed I was to marry a woman who is both sexy and an amazing mother to our kids!" Or anything else that will make her eyes glisten with delight.