How to Save Your Marriage: The Best Techniques part 1

Saving a marriage after infidelity

It is possible to rebuild a relationship after betrayal or distance through the strength of the human spirit , strong will, and love. The journey is guided by open communication, quality time, patience, and understanding. It provides a ray of light for couples facing reconciliation challenges. It guides you to these turbulent days. Couples can rediscover the strength and beauty of their relationship. This proves that even the deepest wounds can heal, renewing trust and intimacy . How to deal with sexual challenges in a relationship?.

how to save a failing marriage

Over the years, the initial spark of a long-term relationship dims under routine and fatigue. At some point, we take each other for granted, especially during hectic times when we cannot focus on what is truly essential - our relationships.

saving a marriage

We will start by doing these three steps with UQS:

  1. Understanding "I" better

  2. Quality time together

  3. Sharing and openness


How do i save my marriage?

Similar to the marvelousness of our bodies, it is fascinating to know that, as children, we start life with 270 bones. These bones reduce to 206 as we grow. Relationships also transform. They begin by being passionate and excited. The intensity of these feelings may fade over time, and it is not necessarily anyone's fault. Instilling the same enthusiasm as before remains vital to reviving and maintaining that spark.

Let's start with the most crucial factor, where our influence lies: the "I" within a relationship, concentrating on only one aspect.

It's important to understand that you can't fix your partners, you can't change them, they have to want it. It's time to make a change and take action now, regardless of who is at fault.

Understanding "I" better

Make sure you have a notebook and a pen where you can comfortably write down the following:

  1. How was your childhood relationship with your father and mother?

  2. How was your childhood relationship with your brothers and sisters?

  3. What was your relationship with your classmates/neighbors like?

  4. What was your relationship with your relatives like?

  5. How was your first relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

  6. What was the first sexual encounter like, and where did it happen?

  7. How responsible do you feel for the current state of your relationship?

  8. What could you do to improve your relationship if you invested $100 a week?

  9. How would you describe the perfect relationship in your mind?


2. Quality time together

Plan a special evening outside the house, just for the two of you; book today B&B / hotel - to break the routine with alcoholic beverages, chocolates, and other treats.


3. Sharing and openness

After enjoying a meal, showering, and finding a comfortable place in front of your partner, with your legs and hands touching each other, pull out the notebook you have kept hidden until this moment and share with him the highlights and new point of view you have in this exercise.

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Itzik Barlev

Itzik Barlev

Itzik Barlev, the founder and owner of Mioshy, has extensive experience developing relationship games, psychology, personal development, and couple empowerment.