How to Have More Sex in a Marriage?


How to Have More Sex in a Marriage


A satisfying and active sexual life is crucial for marital health and happiness. In a long-term marriage, intimacy declines, leading to sexless relationships. Keeping a strong sexual connection in a committed relationship requires awareness, effort, and intention. Consider exploring sex boxes for couples, sex challenges tailored to your partner, adult intimate subscription boxes, and engaging in kinky games with your partner. This will spice up your relationship and infuse passion. These additions can help couples rekindle their romantic spark, preventing distance between them. Couples can strengthen their bond and reduce detachment by embracing these intimate experiences.

Learning how to have more sex in a monogamous marriage is not about promiscuity. Instead, it is about ensuring intimate bonds with a life partner grow. When sex was fulfilling early in the relationship but has since waned, there are often emotional, psychological, and physical health consequences for one or both partners. Feelings of disconnection, dissatisfaction, unattractiveness, anxiety about performance, or even resentment can set in over time. These issues often intensify if sexual abilities or interests have changed or declined with age or health changes. By learning techniques for sparking sexual interest and fulfillment again, couples invest in their most precious relationship: each other.

How often is sex needed in a marriage?

The frequency of sex in a marriage can vary greatly depending on the couple and their individual needs and preferences. However, research has shown that the average adult enjoys sex 54 times a year, or about once a week. A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior in 2017 found that the average American adult has sex 53 times each year, while a 2015 study published by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology found that couples who have sex weekly are happier than those who have sex more or less frequently.

How can I increase my sex in my marriage?

There are several strategies you can use to increase sex in your marriage:

  1. Instead of waiting for your partner to initiate sex, initiate it yourself.

  2. Explore new things with your partner and talk openly and honestly about your sexual desires and fantasies.

  3. Engage in new activities together, such as dancing or yoga, to strengthen your connection with each other's bodies.

  4. Spend time together trying new things or discussing your sexual preferences, which will create a sense of intimacy.

  5. Learn about new sex positions, techniques, and toys by taking a couples' sex class or online.

  6. To spice up your sex life, try role-playing.

  7. Maintaining a healthy physical and mental state can influence your sexual drive.

  8. Acknowledge what makes you and your partner feel safe and secure, and practice self-compassion and kindness.

  9. Speak honestly and openly about your feelings, and seek professional assistance if necessary.

  10. Prioritize your relationship's sex life and make time for intimacy.

  11. Let your partner know that they are still your favorite person in the world by breaking the routine of everyday life with them.

What game should couples play?

The ultimate game for couples, our Breaking routines - Intimacy box allows couples to enjoy playing together, depending on their preferences. Couples can play The Ultimate Game for Couples, which includes fun questions and silly challenges. It is ideal for those who like a little competition. With its fun questions and fun questions, it encourages laughter and creativity.

For couples who want to work on their relationship, Breaking the boundaries is a sexual game for couples that promotes intimacy and grows the relationship.

The Benefits of Reigniting Sexual Intimacy

The Benefits of Reigniting Sexual Intimacy

In the face of daily stress and long-term familiarity, reinvigorating relationship chemistry and encounters can deepen communication, vulnerability, and emotional intimacy. Sex partners who devote time and intention to their sexual lives report lower stress levels. They also report better mental health, stronger partnerships outside the bedroom, and greater confidence in their union and themselves. Everything runs better when sex works. One of the wisest investments in future happiness for those in committed, monogamous marriages is to remind themselves why robust sexual lives matter. In additiown, they should learn strategies to boost mutually beneficial intimacy. Married couples should explore ways to spice up their bedrooms and consider an engagement box to keep the flame alive. This will create lasting memories.

How to Increase Intimacy in the Bedroom?

Nurturing Intimacy: Key Areas for Couples to Focus On

Let's focus on the five critical topics we need to focus on:

  1. Be patient and understanding with yourself and your partner as you navigate intimacy challenges. Recognize that caring makes intimacy easier over time. Discuss what helps you both feel safe.

  2. Talk openly about your sexual desires, needs, and boundaries with your partner. Listen to each other's perspectives.

  3. Try new positions, massages, kisses, and cuddling to foster intimacy and comfort. It would be helpful if you prioritized intimacy over screens or distractions. Many couples experience periods of lagging sexual interest, which can be rectified.

  4. To become highly skilled at foreplay, study and practice the arousal techniques you both enjoy during your intimate time together. Incorporate skill, care, and attention to make your partner's experience enjoyable.

  5. The key to being a supportive partner is to offer understanding, validation, and companionship in and outside the bedroom. Boosting your partner's confidence and emotional well-being and prioritizing the relationship is essential.

Mutual care, support, and tenderness are intense through all seasons. This includes leading with compassion, communicating with courage, connecting intimately, and developing pleasure expertise.

How to Increase Intimacy in the Bedroom? 

Cultivating the Best Marriage and Friendship

  1. Communicate deeply with your wife about all aspects of your lives, thoughts, and feelings. Prioritize understanding over receiving understanding.

  2. Make your relationship with your wife the most intimate you've ever had emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Share your inner world with her.

  3. Engage in activities, hobbies, meals, events, and adventures that facilitate joy, partnership, and togetherness.

  4. Your wife deserves your wholehearted support in all her endeavors, dreams, and challenges. Be her greatest cheerleader.

  5. <>You can imagine the qualities you truly want in a best friend, then consciously reflect those ideals in your daily interactions with your wife.


Building Lasting Intimacy: Key Areas for Couples

Building Lasting Intimacy: Key Areas for Couples

  1. Schedule one-on-one time to reconnect, have fun, and focus on each other.

  2. Show genuine gratitude by verbally recognizing and appreciating your partner's efforts, qualities, and positive impacts.

  3. To bring your authentic self into your relationship, care for your health, growth, and fulfillment.

  4. Engage in an open, honest dialogue about physical intimacy needs and work together to ensure satisfaction.

  5. Invest time, energy, and compromise in understanding your partner's needs and supporting their goals.

When you cherish your partner as the most special person, consistently prioritize them, and actively encourage long-term growth, the connection can deepen meaningfully. With compassion and wisdom, you build an unshakable foundation for your relationship.

Intimacy Stages

Intimacy stages

Newly in love couples experience excitement, closeness, and regular sex, according to relationship expert Yitzhak Barlev. The second stage begins when most couples have children. Being a parent has a significant impact on intimacy due to exhaustion and lack of privacy. Despite this dip in sexual life, he notes that many couples fail to rebound sexually even as demands ease—attention shifts to careers, parenting, and responsibilities.

Around the third to fourth year of a relationship, even childless couples can become distant as their relationship loses its novelty. This is when sexuality becomes routine. As Yitzhak Barlev observes, intimacy also suffers when partners fail to maintain their connection or communicate about their sexual lives.

Intensify the Relationship

Intensify the relationship

Keeping sex in your relationship is as simple as paying attention to how you and your partner relate in and out of the bedroom. Yitzhak offers these tips to help you keep sex in your relationship even if your marriage is strong.

Find out what your needs are

Find out what your needs are

Unlike men — who are easily aroused — women's desire is gradual. "Generally, women's desire starts with some connection to their sexuality or their partner," Yitzhak says. Most women need to be relaxed, unbothered about their to-do list, and feel connected to their partner to experience sexual intimacy.

It might be kissing, touching, or intimately talking with your partner to get you in the mood. It could also be a glass of wine, an enjoyable dinner, or just laughing together. This could be because some women seek more communication and connection between them and their relationship. Once you've pinpointed what makes you feel ready for sexual closeness, share that information with your spouse so you can work together to make those things happen.

Be bold and try

Be bold and try

Too often, women say, 'I'm tired,' 'I need to shower,' or 'It's not a good time.' But couples who try to have sex regularly — even if it's not the idyllic scenario — have more satisfying sexual lives," says Yitzhak. If your partner initiates a sexual encounter, try following it to see where it leads you. "Many women report feeling arousal after intimacy is initiated, he adds. Of course, if it doesn't get you in the mood, stop.

Could you schedule a date night?

Could you schedule a date night?

Putting off sex is easy. But prioritizing it is the only way to maintain an intimate connection with your partner. "Couples who schedule time to connect have healthier, happier relationships," says Yitzhak. "It doesn't have to result in sex every time. It's more about making time for each other."

Get a babysitter and schedule a date night, or just put the kids to bed early so you can have some alone time. Take a break from your busy work schedule to meet for lunch, or step away from your home renovation project and stay overnight at a hotel. Enjoy a fun and sensual date night box we have planned.

It's time to feel sexy.

It's time to feel sexy

No doubt, feeling sexy can boost your libido. So it would be wise to spend time doing things that make you feel sensual. This includes wearing provocative outfits or lingerie, reading romance novels or erotica, or getting bendy at a yoga class. The point is to focus on your needs.

Let's take charge of the situation

Let's take charge of the situation

Don't wait for your partner to initiate sex or follow his sex steps. Take the lead in how your sexual encounter unfolds. Come in with what feels suitable for you, even if it's not a sexual encounter that night. It's imperative to feel in control of your sex life and have a voice in relationships and intimacy.

Redefine intimacy

Redefine intimacy

"People often think sex is a big production with intercourses and orgasms. In reality, couples, including women, want to connect and be intimate. Being intimate can be as simple as talking and cuddling or affectionately touching," suggests Yitzhak.

Consider having a session that focuses on "outercourse," such as touching, massaging, kissing, and cuddling, without feeling obligated to have intercourse.

"The main thing is to prioritize intimate connections with your partner," says Yitzhak. "Think about what makes you feel close and what you enjoy sexually. And then, ask yourself how to create that with your partner.

How can I solve my sex problem in my marriage?

Here are some ways to address common sexual problems in marriage with open-mindedness, communication, and patience.

  1. Low frequency of sex: Low frequency relationships are common in long-term relationships. To address this issue, couples can schedule regular date nights, reconnect, and explore new sexual activities together.

  2. Inability to climax: Couples can explore different techniques, such as sensual massage or using sex toys, to help the partner reach an orgasm if the partner is having trouble reaching climax. Stress, anxiety, and medication can all contribute to climax inability.

  3. Erectile dysfunction: Stress, anxiety, or depression can cause erectile dysfunction, which couples can address withmedication and therapy.

  4. Loss of passion: When a couple loses their love for each other, it can be caused by various factors, such as stress, fatigue, and lack of communication. Couples can take a romantic getaway or try new hobbies together to rekindle their passion.

  5. Communication issues: Relationships can suffer from communication issues, so couples can try having open and honest conversations about their sexual desires and preferences, along with exploring new ways to connect on a physical and emotional level.

  6. Physical intimacy issues: Increasing physical intimacy can be achieved using sensual massage or sex toys. Physical intimacy can be affected by a variety of factors, including chronic medical conditions, medications, and stress.

Itzik Barlev

Itzik Barlev

Itzik Barlev, the founder and owner of Mioshy, has extensive experience developing relationship games, psychology, personal development, and couple empowerment.