Ignite your connections,</br>and transform your relationship!

Ignite your connections,
and transform your relationship!

Get ready for a date night like no other! We're shaking things up and challenging you to plan a fun evening with another couple or two of your choice. We've got a list of words for you to use during a conversation with your friends. The catch? You'll take turns using the words in the order you choose, while helping each other out of any potentially awkward situations.

1. Shower together
2. Touch the chick
3. Smooth everything with fun
4. Pull the hair
5. Love you hot and cold
6. I like shiny things
7. My wife is my best friend
8. My husband is my best friend
9. Foreplay
10. Sleep spoons
11. To love strongly
12. Double challenge
13. Love in the sky
14. There is no relationship without dedication and play

The best part? Your friends won't even know you're in the middle of a marital challenge! So get ready to flex your communication skills and have a blast as you work together to complete this exciting activity. Let's get started: