High-energy date</br>Embark on an epic escapade!

High-energy date
Embark on an epic escapade!

We'll start our first date stage: look for an adult dance class in your area that allows you to attend a free trial lesson - tango, salsa, ballroom dancing - the main thing is to move. You can try a few classes, with a different dance style every week. Having trouble flowing with the dance? Feel like you have two left feet? Our answer is - so what? You don't have to be a prima ballerina to enjoy, laugh, and meet new people. Go ahead, the expansion awaits you!
We burned calories, enjoyed... it's time to go home and... we're taking it up a notch!

Remember the childhood game we loved, "positive remember"? Get it with a little twist. One of you will start with a touch, and the other will have to imitate it: lick, hug, kiss, pass lips and fingers over each other's body... and the same touch the partner will have to return. Exactly the maximum possible. Pay attention to nuances: touch intensity, hand speed, gaze, pressure, technique - and put them into practice now."