About us
About us

Introducing Itzik Barlev, a relationship development expert and NLP master with two decades of expertise. Welcome to a world where sparks fly even after 20 or 30 years together! Join me on a journey filled with passion and adventure as we uncover the secrets to keeping love alive.

Mioshy emerged from the belief that extraordinary relationships are within reach, no matter how long you've been together. With sweat on my brow and wisdom in my pocket, I've gathered 20 years of research, exploration, and experimentation to help couples conquer challenges and forge a brave path ahead.

Behold, an innovative program that turns couples' counselling into a thrilling adventure without ever leaving your couch. Packed with tasks and challenges, co-crafted with counselling and sex therapy experts, it aims to lead us on a journey of love built on unshakable foundations.

As we dive into this shared voyage of growth, excitement, and soulful connections, expect your love to ignite with newfound fire. The challenges we'll tackle are armed with the potent tools I've honed and a splash of creative brilliance.

At the heart of Mioshy, an esteemed team of consultants and sexologists join forces, ready to unveil monthly quests. Prepare for not just fun and games but tangible results that will rock your world!

And what about the name Mioshy, you ask? It's a tale of Italian charm and personal devotion! "Mio"  means "mine" in the language of love. And "Oshi"? That's the affectionate nickname I have for my beloved wife, Osheret. She's my woman, my Oshi, my very happiness.

Embrace the exhilarating world of Mioshy and unleash the full force of love. Why just "live" together when you can embark on this extraordinary journey of passion and connection? Take that colossal leap into a love story beyond your wildest dreams. Come join our enchanting service now!
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